sugaring/waxing services

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Sugaring hair removal uses a sticky, gel-like paste to remove hair. The paste is made up of lemon, sugar, and water and is safe, natural, and uses no chemical additives. It’s applied to the area with unwanted hair and is then removed in the direction of the hair growth. Sugaring doesn’t stick to the top layer of the skin and doesn’t pull at live skin cells. It removes the hair from the root making it especially effective for ingrown or curly hair. Radiant Day Spa exclusively uses Tamara’s Sugar for all sugaring services. It is manufactured in the Pacific Northwest. It offers top-quality sugaring products with the highest grade of organically sourced, cruelty-free ingredients…which we love!

sugaring services

*For returning clients only and must be performed within 4 weeks from your most recent brazilian service.

hard and/or soft waxing